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Photo: Mattias Pettersson

Together with the IT Office, the Centre for Educational Development (UPL) has conducted a pilot project with the aim of evaluating a service that can provide support in creating, transcoding, playing and storing media, primarily videos. The project recommends that Umeå University signs up for the service.

There were 14 departments, units or equivalent at the University that participated in testing/evaluating the service, which was carried out during the spring semester of 2015 and evaluated in August of 2015. 

Several aspects of the service were evaluated. The most important aspects were:

  • The possibilities of integrating the product with Cambro
  • User web portal (referred to by Kaltura as Mediaspace)
  • Process flow for users
  • Migration of existing material
  • The need for training and support

UmU Play is based on the service SUNET Play which is provided by SUNET and based on a product that is supplied by Kaltura. Umeå University has made suborders in this procurement (temporarily in order to evaluate the product).

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