Assessment process and assessment criteria

Punktum bedömningsprocess

Applications submitted are assessed by the project assessment team consisting of representatives from all faculties and the teacher training college.  The final decision on the allocation of project funds is taken by the steering committee for UPL.

Project applications are evaluated and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • The project has clear and specific goals that are evaluable
  • The project describes the activities that will be implemented and how they are expected to lead to the desired goals
  • The project describes the effects that the project is expected to have for the educational activities of the department or programme
  • The project has a collective expertise and an appropriate methodology and approach.
  • At least one teacher who has been awarded pedagogical merit is associated with the project[1].
  • The project plan is realistic in relation to the schedule and budget
  • A detailed description of the evaluation process included, stating how and when the project will be evaluated

[1] If assistance is needed in finding a pedagogically merited teacher, please contact Claire Englund. See contact information above.

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