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All units providing undergraduate education at Umeå University may apply for funding from Punktum. Since Punktum funds come from the university’s funding for undergraduate education only projects that are directed toward undergraduate education at Umeå University can be granted project funds[1]. You can find templates for project application and budget at the foot of the page.

Applications for funding must contain clear and concrete issues and describe the purpose of the project. In addition, the project application should describe measurable goals and the activities that will be undertaken to achieve these goals. The application must also describe the effects that the project is expected to have. Both large and small projects are welcome to apply although the maximum amount granted is 250 tkr. During the project period, the wage costs of members of the project are paid by UPL. As a result, only wage costs can be included in the requested project budget. Other expenses such as purchases of books, technology, travel and / or conference participation will not be granted. The home department or programme is expected to co-finance the project by covering the cost of the teacher's / teachers' work space and other operating costs during the project period. The project application must contain an accurate budget in accordance with the template to be found at the foot of this page. Transfer of half of the amount decided can be requested in advance and final regulation of the second half will be settled after completion of the project, when the final report is submitted and approved.

After completion of the project a final report which includes an evaluation of the project shall be submitted and the project results reported at Umeå University's pedagogical conference or other appropriate university educational conference. All final reports will be published on the Punktum webpage and included in an anthology of projects.

The application must be signed by the Head of Dept. or Unit. If the application includes development work within the framework of a programme then it shall also be signed by the chairperson of the program committee.

Applications should be signed, scanned and sent electronically to the Registrar via the following email address: In the subject line of the e-mail please state the reference number FS 2.1.6-756-17. The original version of the application signed by Head of Department and/or programme chairperson must be sent by internal post to the Registrar, Umeå University and received no later than 24:00 hrs, August 18th, 2017.

If you wish to discuss your project application with representatives of PUNKTUM at Umeå University, then workshops can be organized for this purpose. Contact Claire Englund ( to book a meeting.

Funding may be used within 2 years after the project has been approved. If the project is delayed for any reason, an application for extension of the project period must be applied for no later than three months before the end of the project. A restrictive approach is applied for extension and is granted in principle only when circumstances beyond the control of project participants such as sick leave etc exist. Unused funds after the project's planned termination, will be returned to UPL for re-distribution if no extension has been sought and granted within the deadline.

[1] No projects at the graduate level or within commissioned courses can be considered.

Templates to use:

Application template PUNKTUM 2017

Budget template PUNKTUM 2017

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