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The purpose and aim of the 2017 call for applications

The call for proposals  aims to stimulate pedagogical innovation and increase the long-term pedagogical development of the home department or programme. Funds can be applied for, for example, to develop new teaching methods, educational models, e-learning, to enhance the quality of an existing course or an existing programme and to increase educational collaboration within or outside the university.

Important dates

Final application date: 18 August, 2017 kl. 24:00
Date for decision on project funding: 30 September 2017
Date for start of projects: 2 January 2018
With reservation for changes.


From 2008 to 2011 the Flex project at Umeå University funded a number of development projects with a focus on online/flexible courses. In order to continue to promote pedagogical development at Umeå University the University Board decided to perpetuate these funds and to include all forms of course delivery. The funds are managed and distributed by the Centre for Educational Development (UPL) at Umeå University, and will be used for projects whose aim is to promote the development of creative and flexible approaches to learning and learning environments at Umeå University.

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