Moodle at Umeå University

Together with the IT Office, the Centre for Educational Development (UPL) has been assigned the task of reinvesting in Moodle to ensure that the platform is a comparable alternative to Cambro.


Since the Vice-Chancellor decided to introduce Cambro as Umeå University's official learning management system, a number of departments have continued to use their own Moodle platforms. Some have expressed a wish for Moodle to also be regarded as an official learning management system at Umu. The Vice-Chancellor has decided to grant this request, which is an important step in the right direction in terms of realising Umeå University's Vision 2020, which states:

“We are one of Europe's leading universities when it comes to innovative physical and virtual environments. A major part of our courses and programmes integrate campus and online teaching and can, through flexible teaching forms, be carried out irrespective of time and space.”

Katarina Winka, Director of UPL, says:
“The objective is to provide appropriate virtual learning environments at a central level, characterised by accessibility and security for our students and teachers, regardless of which learning management system is used.”

Project organisation

Orderer:  Anders Fällström

The project group was put together by the steering committee for the area of E-learning, which consists of:
Katarina Winka, UPL
Sören Berglund, IT Office

Project group:

Jörgen Ivarsson, UPL (Project Manager)
Mattias Wallmark, IT Office
Jonas Lindholm, UPL

UPL has, in accordance with ref. no. FS -1520-15, initiated a joint project with the IT Office in order to conduct a preliminary study as well as introduce a new university-wide Moodle platform.

Thereafter, the Vice-Chancellor will decide on a project plan for its implementation. The preliminary study is estimated to be finished by 29/04/2016.

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