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Centre for Educational Development (UPL) offers employees at Umeå University a wide range of courses for professional development of varying lengths where the focus is on pedagogy in higher education and its application.

The courses have been designed to challenge and to develop the pedagogical skills that are important for university teachers. Furthermore, the courses are a qualification for permanent employment as a teacher at university level.

The courses in pedagogy for higher education are organised according to these principles:

Development occurs through broadening and/or deepening of knowledge

Progression can be a broadening of knowledge as in our basic courses, a deepening of knowledge as in our advanced courses or a combination of the two. For that reason we have organised our courses according to an open model that allows teachers to choose courses based on their own experiences, needs and interests.

Establishment of individual competence development plans

Pedagogical competence development requires planning. In consultation with their department head or the equivalent each teacher constructs their own pedagogical development plan.

Plan your competence development

A critical approach to teaching

In our courses the participants are stimulated to reflect on their roles as teachers, to critically examine their approaches toward teaching and theories of learning, and to document their pedagogical qualifications.

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Our rules

A course certificate will be issued to participants who have fulfilled all parts of the course and completed the assignments.

If you withdraw your application in three weeks before the course starts, your department will be charged an administrative fee of 5 000 SEK.


Notification of admission will be given about a week after last application date.