Consultancy Services

The brief for the Centre for Educational Development includes supporting the university’s pedagogical development both at the overarching university level and at that of the individual teacher.

This means that the Centre for Educational Development, in addition to its regular courses, also offers a broad spectrum of consultancy services. This support can be aimed at a variety of different issues such as: how to work with course development, how to teach with limited resources or what is important to consider when starting web based teaching. It can also focus on specific themes such as: student-active assessment, online dialogue, problem based learning, pedagogical theory, supervision or course evaluations.

Both the content and the form of consultancy services are planned in collaboration with the client. It might take the form of a themed day, a workshop, a course over a longer period or of planning support, discussion support or colleague supervision and feedback.

Examples of consultancy assignments performed by UPL include:

  • Assessment workshop consisting of three sessions over one semester
  • One-day course on oral presentation
  • Peer supervision and feedback for teachers
  • Themed day on student-active learning
  • Seminar on course evaluations
  • Supervision in constructing ICT-supported teaching

If you have questions about our consultancy services please contact UPL’s director Eva Svedmark or go directly to a member of staff.

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