Collegial networks

UPL wants to promote collegial networks concerning teaching and learning in higher education and collegial professional development. We do this by actively participating and contributing to large and small collegial networks.

Here, we provide some information on some collegial networks which may interest teachers at higher education institutions. These act as sources of inspiration and contribute to developing teaching and learning at Umeå University.

PIL - Network for Educationally Awarded Teachers

UPL has taken the initiative to start a collegial network for teachers who form part of Umeå University's pedagogical qualification model.


The collegial network for ICT coaches

In the autumn of 2008, the Centre for Teaching and Learning initiated a collegial network for educators who are interested in ICT (ICT coaches). The role of the ICT coach is based on creating hands-on ICT support which can inspire, inform, support and help the department's teachers in planning, developing and providing net-based education.

Network for ICT coaches

SPA – Seminar Series for Pedagogical Leaders

In the spring of 2004, UPL (known then as the UPC) initiated a collegial network for Pedagogical Leaders, called ”Seminar Series for Pedagogical Leaders”, SPA. The motto of the series is to – primarily through its atmosphere, have a positive influence on the Pedagogical Leaders.



HandUm is a programme that aims to support the University's doctoral supervisors. HandUm includes the course Postgraduate supervision in practice, as well as seminars.


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