About Centre for Educational Development (UPL)

Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Educational Development (UPL) has the overall task of promoting pedagogical development and research in higher education at Umeå University and the task of supporting teachers in developing the use of IT in learning. We are also responsible for the university’s joint initiatives in these areas.

Our vision

The Centre for Educational Development contributes actively and purposefully to ensure that students and graduate students receive an education of the highest quality at Umeå University. We support the pedagogical development of higher education characterised by professionalism, diversity and systematic quality development.

UPL shall

  • actively contribute to vibrant and open pedagogical discussions at the university
  • support Umeå University's teachers in evaluating and developing their teaching, supervision and pedagogical professionalism
  • take part in the development of, and support for, new learning environments in higher education
  • support teachers work in an international academic environment
  • facilitate research and development in higher education (scholarship of teaching and learning)

We are organized as a department within the University Library, with an advisory board consisting of eight members, one member appointed by each of the four faculty boards + Teacher Education, and three student representatives; the chairperson is the head of UPL.

We work in collaboration with individual teachers, departments, programme leadership, faculty boards and other units within the university management and the university administration.

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